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Latest Record
J45  -  comprising 11 new folk-blues tracks, 8 new songs, 2 re-worked songs and a cover version of The Delmore Brothers 1933 ‘Big River Blues’. All of the songs are played on a 1956 Gibson J45 with the exception of ‘Ragtime Blues’, which features the Gibson J200    
Patricia Horrell drew the cover picture
rothers 1933 ‘Big River Blues’. All of the songs are playethers 1933 ‘Big River Blues’. All of the songs are played on my 1956 Gibson J45 with the exception of ‘Ragtime Blues’, which features the Gibson J200. Patricia Horrell drew the cover picture
The J45 CD can be mailed to your door for £9.99 - e-mail your order to the address below or purchase on iTunes, Amazon or your local supplier

The Baroque Blues Band  CD's​​Th​thh

The Baroque Blues Band

Both of the Baroque Blues Band's CD's can be ordered as hard copy Compact Discs from this website at £9.99 -  mail us your order and we will respond with Paypal information, delivering to your door within 5 working days. You can pay in Sterling, Euros or American Dollars. However, if digital is your thing then proceed at once to:

You can download the whole album, for £7.00 or download songs of your choice at £1 each 
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The new Baroque Blues Band album is released in January 2019


I have been writing and performing since my school days, mostly in folk clubs. I tend to go down like a rat-sandwich, mostly because of my dull tuneless voice and erratic finger-style guitar playing, which sounds like someone striking a toy banjo with a sausage. The songs I write fall into two categories - either (1) Instantly Forgettable or  (2) Offensive - i.e. mostly drawing attention to the evils of religion, the tyranny of women or rambling inane dirges about guitars, socialism and me being the King of Galway, which I am of course, although it's not something I go on about much. Anyway, book me to play at your venue for Chrissakes, send me a mail saying where and when...stuff like that

  • I will make your other acts seem so much better
  • My full set lasts two hours, although often a lot less on demand
  • There will be poems, stories, and songs delivered with imperfect pitch 
  • I can bring amplification/PA equipment... if I must
  • I do folk-blues in the Blind Blake/Gary Davis/Davy Graham tradition
  • Yes, In the folk-blues tradition but unencumbered by credibility
  • I expect the venue to provide me with a full bottle of Irish Whiskey for the performance
  • I will usually turn up the worst for drink and fights are commonplace
  • I will probably need help to find my car afterwards for the long drive home
  • Post-concert letters of complaint will not be answered
  • There will be no refunds

Projects & Collaborations


The Lamp Is Low

The Evil Death Destruction Bastards

ES 330 TD

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Fuller Showed Me How

Very Lonesome Blues

Can't Sleep Blues

Albums For Sale

  • Light Blues & Black Comedy
  • The Baroque Blues
  • Leftover Blues
  • Some Folk Some Skiffle Some Blues
  • The Evil Death Destruction Bastards
  • Barbed Wire Blues
  • The Baroque Blues Band
  • 2nd Guitar Concerto
  • J45
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